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Football team playing in the Liga MX (Primera División de México), Mexico

1476 A Fence Separates Me A great chant from Cruz Azul fans, perfect for a ringtone Playlist
1778 Blue! Chant of Azul Playlist
1866 Another Championship La Sangre Azul, Cruz Azul firm, singing and cheering their team, during a local game Playlist
3606 Ole Chaco Chant for Christian "Chaco" Gimenez, Cruz Azul number 10 Playlist
3913 You Have to Be Champions La Sangre Azul, Cruz Azul Club firm, refer to their team as "celestes" (light blue) because of their color back in the days when the club climb to the first division league Playlist
6909 Enter the Blue When the team come into the stadium Playlist
7301 My Heart A short chant from Blue Cross fans, perfect for a ringtone Playlist
9798 Ole Ole Ole Typical chant of Cruz Azul Playlist
13823 Gentlemen I Leave Everything La Sangre Azul (Blue Blood), Club Cruz Azul frim, cheering their team during a local game... Playlist
14103 Don't Hear a Sound NEW In this chant, La Sangre Azul (The Blue Blood), Cruz Azul firm, threat the rival firm, arguing that their chants are inaudible. Among firms all over Latin América, the main way of proving one´s superiority in loving their team or having more "aguante" or heart, is by singing or cheering stronger, louder, than the rival... Playlist
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14529 I’m Going to the Field NEW A great chant from Blue Cross fans, perfect for a ringtone Playlist
14574 Come On, Come On, Blue Cross NEW A great chant from Blue Cross Fans, perfect for a ringtone Playlist
14787 What's Going on Penguin? NEW In this chant Cruz Azul fans are asking their archrivals "The Penguins" why the don't support their team Playlist
16606 Azul, Azul, Azul! NEW Classic Cementero FanChant Playlist


Doh... cuando needs no accent mark C-dub00 USA Soccer Team Mon 30 Nov '15  · Re: Una Reja Me Separa  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
I'm not familiar with the tune, but I am familiar with Spanish. Depending on the context of what they're trying to say, this direct translation may miss the mark a bit, but I know it is at least correct concerning grammar and the most common meanings specific to Mexican Spanish.

Porque aquí están,
Los que cantan con pasión,
Los que ponen corazón,
Nunca te abandonarán. <-- It sounds like the plural form here with an 'n' on the end which
seems to make more sense with the other plural conjugations.
Cuándo mires al tablón,
Verás un carnaval,
Solo nunca vas a estar!
Una reja me separa
Del amor que está en mi sueño.
Cruz Azul no pido nada.
Solo quiero dar la vuelta!

Because here they are,
Them that/which/who sing with passion,
Them that/which/who put their heart into it,
They'll never leave you.

When you look at the plank,
You'll see a carnival,
Only you're never going to be [there]!
One grate separates me
From the love that is in my dreams.
Cruz Azul doesn't ask for anything.
I just want to turn around!
C-dub00 USA Soccer Team Mon 30 Nov '15  · Re: Una Reja Me Separa  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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